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 Mentorship Program

AGT Mentorship Program

Do you want to get more out of your membership in AGT? Would you like the opportunity to connect one-on-one with an experienced genetic professional?

The new Mentorship Program from AGT is an opportunity for you. Experienced and distinguished members of AGT have joined forces to provide leadership for our next generation of genetic technologists. Whether or not your interest lies in technical areas, in government affairs or education, we have someone willing to guide you and help you in your career.

AGT members who wish to avail themselves of this new program need to commit to work on a project in the genetics field. Suggestions are, preparing a case study or writing an article for The Journal of the Association of Genetic Technologists, preparing for poster or platform presentations or exploring the facets of genetic education or government. The topic will be up to the mentee and mentor with matched interest. Guidance will all be done by means agreeable to the mentor and mentee and need not consist of more than one hour per month.

Membership in AGT is the first step in advancing your career in genetics. Now AGT is providing a gateway to the leaders in the genetics field to help you establish yourself as a committed genetic technologist.

For more information, please contact Patricia LeMay, Mentorship Chair.

Careers in Genetics Programs

Genetic Technologists cover many areas of genetics: Both human and non-human, as well as research and clinical genetics. It's not possible to cover all of the work that genetic technologists do, but you can find descriptions of the three larger bodies of genetic technologists and their accountabilities on the What We Do page.

Genetic Technology Education Programs

If you are considering furthering your education in genetic technology, we hope the information provided here will help you along the way.

  • Most of the education programs for genetic technology are considered part of the allied health professions.
  • The level of training necessary varies from certificate, associates, bachelors, masters and advanced degrees.
  • Most allied health professions require licensure or credentialing following completion of an accredited program.
  • A list of educational programs that provide certificate bachelors and masters level programs in genetic technology is available on our Continuing Education page.

Certification and Licensure

Once you have started your career in genetics technology, you may consider becoming certified in your specialty area. The Board of C​ertification provides certification for cytogenetics technologists, molecular technologists and many other certifications in the genetics field.​​​

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