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Chromosome Spreading Video featuring Jack Spurbeck

This 24-minute video, filmed and produced at the Mayo Clinic, highlights processes of effective chromosome spreading for Cytogenetic analysis in real-time at a cellular level and covers the use of a humidified drying chamber to help facilitate chromosome spreading for use in hematologic and congenital based chromosome studies . 

Mr. Spurbeck has been at the forefront of Cytogenetic advancement for decades and his video will aide in the education and advancement of those involved in the field of Cytogenetics for many years to come.

[Note:  This video does not qualify for continuing education.]


Journal of the Association of Genetic Technologists (JAGT)
(Annual Subscription, Single Issue or Single Article)
The official journal of the Association of Genetic Technologists is published four times a year in March, June, September and December. The Journal is an AGT member benefit but can be purchased by institutions for $115 annually. 
The Journal is only available in electronic format to members and subscribers. ​
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AGT Molecular Biology Techniques Review Guide 

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The Association of Genetic Technologists’ Molecular Biology Techniques Review-guide was written by a technologist for technologists studying for a credentialing examination in molecular biology. The study guide presents experimental theories, specimen requirements, quality control procedures, troubleshooting techniques and self-assessment questions for molecular biology techniques used in full-service laboratories. Techniques outlined include sample collection, nucleic acid isolation, nucleic acid manipulations (restriction enzyme digestions, cloning, labeling), electrophoresis, amplification and blotting techniques, sequencing, summarizing and reporting results, and laboratory practice. The study guide concludes with an ample list of references. 

This is a valuable and helpful resource for any technologist and has received high praise for its effectiveness in reviewing the content on the credentialing examination. 

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The AGT Cytogenetics Laboratory Manual
Click here to order the publication ​through the publisher (release date:  April 2017​​)]

Established as the standard reference for cytogenetic laboratories, this comprehensive guide to cytogenetic techniques contains chapters on peripheral blood culture, continuous cell lines, prenatal diagnosis and culture, solid tumors, frag​ile sites, molecular cytogenetics and much more. The manual provides an exhaustive survey of techniques for visualization and analysis of human chromosome patterns in diagnosis and research. An invaluable feature of the manual is the inclusion of over 200 protocols presented throughout the text. No other resource provides such practical "how to" instructions for cytogenetic analysis and safety and quality control. 

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Cytogenetic Symposia, 2nd Edition
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The second edition of The Cytogenetic Symposia, published in 2005, consists of an introduction, briefly outlining the development of the practice of cytogenetics, from the seminal work of Tijo and Levan in 1956 to the current partnership of cytogenetics and molecular genetics. The succeeding chapters, written by cytogenetic technologists, PhDs, and medical doctors from the United States and Canada, provide up-to-date information on a broad range of topics in both cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics. Many chapters now include molecular information reflecting the increased recognition of diagnostic complementation of these arenas. Each chapter includes a set of multiple choice questions, and most chapters contain a glossary. The answers for chapter questions have been placed in an appendix. The intent of the Cytogenetic Symposia is to offer a thorough, but condensed overview of the field. This publication is an excellent resource for individuals preparing for the cytogenetics certification examination. Use of references cited in each chapter will lead interested parties to more detailed information.


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Journal Club #54 - #116
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Journal Clubs are a great way to earn Contact Hours without leaving your home or lab!
Journal Clubs can be completed as a group or individually. Each Journal Club includes a reading list, several discussion questions and a post-test. The discussion questions provide a starting point for group discussion, and give individuals taking a Journal Club questions to consider while reading the articles. The post-test is taken after reading the articles and are returned to the regional representatives of the Education Committee to be graded.
Each successfully completed Journal Club is worth 4 Contact Hours. Journal Clubs, #54-#116 are now available (previous Journal Clubs #1-53 have been retired). 
2015 S​alary Survey
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ISCN (2009) - A Reference Guide 
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FGT Cytogenetics Study Guide
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Over 250 pages of study materials prepared by cytogenetic educators and certified technologists to help technologists review for BOC certification and state licensure exams in cytogenetic technology.
FGT Molecular Biology Study Guide
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​Ninety-five pages of study materials prepared by directors of DNA diagnostic laboratories and a certified molecular technologist to help technologists review for the BOC certificate and state licensure exams in molecular biology (DNA diagnostic technology)

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