Annual Meeting

AGT's 41st Annual Meeting​
AGT 41st Annual Meeting
June 23-25, 2016
Hyatt Regency Orange County - Orange County, CA 
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2016 Call for Abstracts
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2016 Call for Awards
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2016 Program Preview 

On Friday morning, June 24, 2016, the meeting's general sessions open with Keynote Speaker, Randy Shekman, PhD, a Nobel laureate delivering a presentation on Cell Membranes, Protein Export & Connections to Human Disease.  
Human cells manufacture thousands of different proteins, such as insulin, growth factors and antibodies, which are encapsulated into membrane-enclosed packets called vesicles. Vesicles buzz around in the cell to many different destinations, but some are delivered to the cell perimeter where they discharge their contents to the exterior in an export mechanism conserved over a billion years of evolution. What are the mechanics of this process? How is it regulated? How can we exploit this ancient biological manufacturing and transportation system for the sake of modern medicine? Understanding this process and its regulation earned Randy Schekman a Nobel Prize in 2013 and has allowed the biotech industry to exploit yeast as a production platform for the secretion of human proteins such as recombinant insulin. That process now supplies fully one-third of the insulin used by sufferers of diabetes worldwide.

2016 Workshop Preview

Oh, To Be FISHing: Technical Aspects of FISH Testing, presented by Pamela Althof
FISH Analysis - Beyond Counting Dots, presented by Shirong Wang

ISCN Nomenclature, presented by Marc Tomlinson and Xio Yang
Clinical Microarray Testing: Current Applications and Methodology, presented by Diane Pickering
CAP Inspection, presented by Allan Fraser
Clinical Test Development: Design through Implementation, presented by Kate Pearce


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